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It is a positive approach to religion and Christianity that will inspire you to find your own truth about God and create an intimacy and connection to a power greater than yourself.

Begin Your Spiritual Journey and Self-Discovery but Without the Usual Religious Doctrines That Surround Christianity - Go At Your Own Pace and Find Yourself With This Positive Approach to Christianity!

Would you consider yourself spiritual but not necessarily religious?

Do you want to connect with a higher power but without being barred by religious dogma and doctrines?

There are many people that are hesitant to pursue their spiritual journey because of the strict religious doctrines surrounding Christianity that don’t coincide with their personal views.

But what if I told you that you can still connect with a higher power and achieve inner-peace through spirituality without the strict rules?

In this book, you’ll find a refreshing, new, and positive approach to religion and Christianity that aims to inspire you to find the truth and set yourself free!

In this book, you'll discover:

  • A new perspective: All you need to do is open your mind and by the end of this book you'll discover a brand new and refreshing outlook on religion and life!

  • For anyone: You don't have to be religious, or even believe in god to benefit from the valueable lessons in this book.

  • Inner-peace: Discover yourself, achieve your dreams, and connect with a higher power. Be surrounded by the teachings of jesus and be guided into a brighter and better life.

Be guided by the master teacher, Jesus Christ, and Coach Michael Taylor and see that there's so much more to spirituality than doctrines.

Set yourself free!

Hi, I’m Michael Taylor, Author of, What If Jesus Were A Coach.

For more than 25 years I have sought to answer the question, "Does God exist?". I began my journey as an Atheist who definitely did not believe in God. Initially I believed all of my questions about how the world worked could be answered through science, logic and rational thinking. I concluded that my brain held the keys to my happiness and success and there was nothing outside of my brain that I needed to be happy and successful. I rigidly held these views for several years and there was noting anyone could have said or done that would have changed my mind.

After going through a divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure, and depression, I began studying psychology and personal development techniques to get my life back on track which led me to a process of healing some childhood wounds. Through this healing process I was able to rebuild my life and put it back together.

I then decided to do some extensive research about the world religions to answer the question if God existed or not, and my research ultimately led me to my own "truth" about God which has allowed me to create an intimcy and connection to a power greater than myself. This book share how I was able to do that.

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God is love – A glimpse into the untold…

The message is beautiful and heartfelt – with explicit personal experiences. For me, it is like coming out of the deepest, darkest hole and into the light for the first time. It is not just a guide, but also a light to guide you along the way to your spiritual awakening. It is an ultimate guide when you’re searching for the truth in your spiritual journey. The messages will be a constant reference for me moving forward.

Pikasho Deka

What If Jesus Were A Coach? is one of the most unique and authentic self-help spiritual books I've read in a long time. Coach Michael Taylor cites examples and quotes from experts in a spectrum of fields and seamlessly incorporates them with a set of well-researched guidelines to help readers forge their paths to attaining spiritual enlightenment. Taylor's work touches upon the teachings of all major religions, and he makes a compelling argument on how they all guide people toward the same goal, just through different paths. Taylor's inspiring words are rooted in science, theology, and spirituality. He even cites the teachings of prominent scientists such as Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla to drive home his message. Highly recommended.

Vincent Dublado

What makes this book an engaging read is Taylor’s experience that brings forth the idea of religious freedom. I highly recommend that you read this book if you are currently on your journey of philosophical and spiritual discovery. This book does not have all the answers, but it can shed light and somehow ease your doubts.

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“It is a positive approach to religion and Christianity that will inspire you to find your own truth about God and create an intimacy and connection to a power greater than yourself."




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